I Added to History Today

Sometimes there are moments that really help solidify who you are, where you’re supposed to be and what you should be doing with your life.  Since moving to New York, I’ve had more of these types of serendipitous moments than ever before and most of those have had to do with genealogy (as in my… Continue reading I Added to History Today

Help Save this Revolutionary War Site!

Seems so backwards to tear up what remains left of the depot only to build a fake “colonial” experience on top of it. Even building a proposed “welcome center/museum” in its place to “honor” it, is a far disservice to what took place on those grounds and what importance it played.

DAR Margaret Corbin Day Ceremony

Yesterday, I attended my first “official” Daughters of the American Revolution event at West Point’s Military Academy to honor the Revolutionary War heroine Margaret Cochran Corbin.  While the weather was positively wretched, misting all day long with nary a beam of sunlight at all to grace us, the ceremony held at the beautiful Old Cadet… Continue reading DAR Margaret Corbin Day Ceremony

Captain James Cook’s ship Endeavour believed found in US – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

This was interesting to read today because I’m reading the book 1776 by David McCullough and I’m to the part where they’ve just scuttled all those ships for the blockade, including this one apparently!  So interesting…. Researchers say they believe they have located the wreckage of the Endeavour, the ship sailed by British explorer James… Continue reading Captain James Cook’s ship Endeavour believed found in US – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Hannah Woodhull, consort

The other day my husband and I were at the Cemetery of the Highlands in Highland Mills, NY near Woodbury.  (Orange County) My genealogical serendipity continues to amaze me as I stumbled upon yet another set of Woodhulls from my line and from the Revolutionary War era.  I wasn’t even looking for them and yet,… Continue reading Hannah Woodhull, consort