Honoring My Favorite Vet

I was trying so desperately to keep up with the #30DayFHWChallenge from Family Tree Magazine but I got off-track with an assignment that is due for my genealogy class at Boston University and so when I checked in today to see what the writing prompt was, I was shocked it wasn’t something to do with… Continue reading Honoring My Favorite Vet

Family Wedding – Day 5 of #30DayFHWChallenge

The prompt for day 5 of the #30DayFHWChallenge is to select your favorite family photo, and write about the moments just before and/or after the photo was taken. Why was it taken? Was your ancestor happy to be in it? This is a weird/hard one for me because as I’m not close with my mom’s… Continue reading Family Wedding – Day 5 of #30DayFHWChallenge