I Added to History Today

Sometimes there are moments that really help solidify who you are, where you’re supposed to be and what you should be doing with your life.  Since moving to New York, I’ve had more of these types of serendipitous moments than ever before and most of those have had to do with genealogy (as in my… Continue reading I Added to History Today

Purple Heart.com Relaunch

Sorry I’ve not been posting.  Forgive my absence; things are just bonkers here!  I’m doing my genealogical certification currently and working on a new website to boot!  My first grand-baby is about to come and I’ve been so swamped planning a baby shower, which is really hard to do from states away! I had meant… Continue reading Purple Heart.com Relaunch

Help Save this Revolutionary War Site!

Seems so backwards to tear up what remains left of the depot only to build a fake “colonial” experience on top of it. Even building a proposed “welcome center/museum” in its place to “honor” it, is a far disservice to what took place on those grounds and what importance it played.

Tribute to the soldiers who died at the Fishkill Supply Depot

I just recently became aware of the Fishkill Supply Depot site and it’s practically just 15 minutes away.  They’ve identified 80+ soldiers buried here with many, many more unidentified.  Thought I’d share in case you’ve been looking for an ancestor who was known to be in these parts around the Revolutionary War or died nearby.… Continue reading Tribute to the soldiers who died at the Fishkill Supply Depot