BU’s Genealogical Research Program

I am finishing up the genealogical research certificate program at Boston University this week and I’ve had several people both online and offline ask me what I thought about the program now that I’ve  just got 2 days left to go.  I thought I’d post it here for other people who’ve wondered the same thing.… Continue reading BU’s Genealogical Research Program

Asbury Archer – Family History Writing Challenge, Day 2

Day 2 of the #30FHWChallenge is to think of your ancestor as a character in a novel, and describe him or her in a few short paragraphs. My 3rd great uncle was Asbury Archer from Noble County, Ohio.  Asbury was a teacher and a writer, publishing several poems and articles through the years.  I shared… Continue reading Asbury Archer – Family History Writing Challenge, Day 2

Visiting My DAR Patriot

Aside from the lovely church & cemetery at Archers Ridge that I posted a picture of yesterday, I also went further down the road a bit to Devoll Cemetery, also in Noble County, in search of my DAR patriot, John Wickham. I’d seen the picture & an article about it before but visiting it in… Continue reading Visiting My DAR Patriot

Captain, Oh Captain

In my previous Woodhull post, I had reported that I had found the Woodhull family plot here and it was in utter disrepair. I was so remiss that I couldn’t positively identify Captain Ebenezer Woodhull’s grave. Through the miracle of Photoshop, I was able to enhance some of the photographs from the family plot and… Continue reading Captain, Oh Captain