Cemetery Symbolism

I’m a bit of a cemetery creeper.  I love the old Revolutionary ones around my town probably the best just because they’re so descriptive and ornate.  I like reading the little blurbs about their lives.  I think my favorite headstone and/or monuments so far has been this one in Licking County, Ohio and it was a “bubble” like frame that stuck out off the side of a tall pillar and had the baby’s picture and a locket of their hair in it, like a shadowbox.  It was sweet and yet so, so sad.

I saw this today in my feed from AtlasObscura and thought I’d pass it along.  Nice little guide to explaining what different things represent on a decorative headstone/monument.  I’m sure there is more than could be incorporated but this is just the bare basics.  Interesting though!


Graphic created by Michelle Enemark, text by Allison C. Meier. 


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