Dark Secrets, Part 2

If you read my very first post here talking about Uncovering Dark Secrets in Your Family Tree, I ended it with “to be continued” and I finally received the paperwork I was waiting for to finish my sorrowful tale of my great-great grandmother Esther (Archer) Stewart and her family. Esther’s son, Dale Walton Stewart, had been… Continue reading Dark Secrets, Part 2

Little Local Discoveries

I’ve mentioned it before that in my part of NY, near West Point, is just chock full of colonial history.  There are tons of little plaques, monuments, parks, museums and such surrounding my area.  They’re so prevalent in my area that you sort of get used to seeing them and sometimes, they go unnoticed. Like… Continue reading Little Local Discoveries

Uncovering Dark Secrets in Your Family Trees

Sometimes there are dark things in your family tree that aren’t talked about – things that when you stumble upon them positively blow you away.  Such a thing happened to me about a month ago when I was meandering down the Archer branch of my tree.  The deeper I dig, the more enthralled I become.… Continue reading Uncovering Dark Secrets in Your Family Trees